Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Real World Las Vegas; Meet the 25th Season Cast of Vegas! (I Did!)

Early last month I got to meet the new cast of The Real World, which was filmed here in Las Vegas late last year.  Right away I'd like to thank MTV for this opportunity, because I've been a fan of Real World since before I was eligible to be part of the cast.  Now that I'm past the age of eligibility, this will be as close as I will get to being a part of it, and it was an awesome experience.

I was sworn to secrecy until this date, but the cast is sworn for far longer.  Therefore, sadly, I don't have any fantastic scoops for what's in store this season.  I can really only say that they all seemed well rehearsed, as if they had been prepped on what to say.  I was worried about getting them to talk, preparing all sorts of questions, but in the end I never took out a single note-card to ask a question.  It was more of a conversation than an interview, which was really nice. So, it's time to meet the cast!

Dustin Zito- For the interviews they had him paired up with Heather Marter in the living room, in a fantastic semi-circled couch.  Dustin seemed to be the kind of guy who seemed very open, but was actually heavily guarded.

Heather Marter-She has very small features and is very pretty and soft-spoken.  She seems to be more into the back end of the experience, but she and Dustin seemed very cozy, and I suspect they are a couple now.

Heather Cooke-the missing roommate was not present at the press day.  In fact, she wasn't spoken of or mentioned by anyone at all.  Interwebs are buzzing and saying she replaces Micheal Adam Royer after he gets kicked out.  Only time will tell!

Michael Adam Royer-He goes by Adam, and he seems to fly by the seat of his pants and is nothing but positive about the experience, even though rumor has it he didn't last 3 weeks in the suite.  I heard (also from the interwebs) that Hard Rock actually kicked him out because he had caused too much damage to the suite and hotel.  Judging by how he was in the suite with the rest of the cast, and they all seemed to be getting along just fine, I'm apt to believe that it wasn't the roommates that actually kick him out.

Leroy Garrett-According to the cast mates, the phone belonged to this kid.  Everyone answered the phone "Leroy's answering service," and he made everyone else answer it so he could screen.  He's not really sure what's he is going to do after the experience, but he doesn't seem overly worried about it.

Michael Ross- He and Leroy were tight while they were living there, and they really seem like two peas in a pod.  I can't wait to see their friendship on screen.  Out of all the roommates, he seemed the most "real" to me.  Everyone else seemed to be watching what they were saying.

Nany Gonzales and Naomi Defensor- These girls have to go together because they almost spoke as one person while being interviewed.  They said they were very real in the house, and had great communication, and that's why they got along so well.  Well, there was some major drama amongst the boys, although no one will state what.  I noticed while hanging out in the suite with the cast that Leroy and Michael had no problems with Adam, but Dustin seemed to stick with Heather.  However, like I said, everyone was keeping pretty mum about what exactly happened in the house.

I'll be recapping as soon as it starts in March, and might do one more blog post before that with some quotes from the cast!  They did promise it was going to be a crazy season, better than the last season in Vegas!  I'm excited!

ETA: I'm doing an in-dept look at the cast, please check back to my blog for all of the interviews! 

Michael Adam Royer Interview

Leroy Garrett Interview
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