Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This Blend is Bland

So, I finally got a chance to catch "The Morning Blend" this morning.  I was woken up unexpectedly and found it on, I thought I would watch it.  I've either been at work already or sleeping in whenever it was on.

So far, I wish I had gone back to sleep.  The chemistry amongst the newscasters is non-existent, and almost painful to watch.  Whoever is doing the make-up on set needs to maybe get better lighting, because the makeup is caked on.  I can only imagine how uncomfortable it is if I can see how thick it is watching TV without my glasses on.  One of them in particular was so ashen looking I had to wonder if he just got the news that morning that he had a fatal disease.

I missed the notorious "Make-Over" segments, which I hear are horrible, but the 15 minutes that I did catch looked like a TV show I made up when I was in grade school in my living room.  I visited their website, and it's a hot mess of business!  But I saw on Friday, they have "Manny the Movie Guy" on.

Manny the Movie Guy?  Seriously?

I only watched it once, and not the whole thing...but it needs TONS of work.
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