Monday, January 24, 2011

Holly's World: Was this next time or last time?

Last night "Holly's World" started a new season, and I thought I'd cover it for the blog, since Holly Madison mostly stays on the strip for the show.

Right away though, the editing of this reality show has me totally confused.  It starts out with a "this season on Holly's World"

-Holly is being told by Planet Ho to lose weight for Peepshow; Holly isn't sure about it.

-Holly helps some random girl named Claire St. Claire with her "Vegas Debut"

-Angel, Holly's assistant, subbed for Holly at Peepshow while Holly went on a week vacation.  Holly seems to fire Angel as her assistant so that Angel can work on her career.  Angel looks scared, because basically that means Holly's going to stop paying her.
-Josh, the singer in Peepshow, gets a call from someone saying that he needs to be in therapy.
-Some random skank (Jade Nicole) tells Holly she just moved to Vegas, Holly isn't pleased.
-Jade says Holly needs to lighten up, then rudely asks what birthday Holly is celebrating (32). Jade says "in Vegas years that's like, 60"

Now the show finally starts, with Holly and her friend Laura at LAS coming back.  They are on the Level Zero with the car facing the wrong way, so I guess they just had to set up the shot that way.  No way that wasn't staged.  Holly says a guy she met came with them to Disney World.  Jack Barakat is his name.

Holly swings from the airport right to Planet Ho, where her manager informs her that the chorographer of Peepshow wants her to lose weight.  She storms out, saying she's going to find him and tell him to kiss her fat ass.  He says she needs to "tone up," she resists, he states that she looks different from the cast, he says she doesn't look like the picture that's up all over town.  It's an uncomfortable conversation.

They go to the Peppermill, which always makes me laugh because it's such a hole in the wall.  They discuss the weight issue, but then Jade Nicole skanks her way in.  Holly fills us in that she was a Playmate, then was on The Hills for awhile, and Holly feels like life on The Hills "changed her a little bit."

This just made me laugh, because I think living in Vegas changes people more than being on some TV show would.  But what do I know?

Jade Nicole falls all over Josh for awhile, but then the gods of bad editing swoop in and somehow the conversation gets switched to Holly's upcoming birthday.  Jade askes "So what birthday is it?"

Holly obviously doesn't know how to take this sudden turn of events, and says "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what do you mean?  It's the start of my birthday month!" Jade says "yeah, the start of your birthday month, but what birthday is it?"

Now, especially amongst Playboy models, that is some major rudeness.  The whole table is uncomfortable, maybe even the whole restaurant because it's not that big.  Holly, not being equipped with a semi-automatic snark machine like I am, answers 32.  Jade says "Really?!?  Niiiiice...that's a good age.  Well it was nice seeing you guys!" and books it.  Josh rolls his eyes hilariously.  Seeing as how Jade and the Skankbots just sit down, I'm guessing almost all of this was staged.  I don't care how famous you are, it doesn't say "Seat yourself" in the front of the Peppermill.  You don't just walk in so you can make fun of someone for still being within child-bearing years.

Also, the cameras follow them to their table and they make fun of Holly, and Jade says she's going to steal Josh away from her.  All the kind of stuff that I heard on the playground in elementary school.  That level.

We finally get to our first commercial break after this, but they have a freaking preview of what's coming up after the break.  Dear E! Network: Stop it.  Watching anything on your network comes with a horrible sense of Deja Vu.  I feel like I've already seen the entire episode already.  Seriously, knock it off.

So, right before Holly's party, Jade asked to be Josh's date.  It's awkward.  But, then head off to Tao.  Jade and the losing weight and turning another year old thing bums Holly out.  Until Josh starts to make out with Jade.  Dear gay guys that make out with women; why?

After the party, Josh gets dragged through the mud for doing the nasty make out session with Jade.  Josh plays innocent and says he's not judging her yet.

Another "What's coming up next on what you are about to see in 5 minutes!"  Sigh.

Jade sends Holly a huge candy basket with a snide note.  They throw it out.  Then Holly finds out, through Twitter via Angel, that Hef got engaged to Crystal.  It's a devastating scene, and  I really do feel for her.  He's been dating this girl less than a year, and she and Hef were together for 7 years.  She was very vocal about wanting to get married and have kids, and Hef never proposed to her.  I've never had something like this happen to me, but I've seen this happen to friends, and it's horrible.  They feel betrayed, and like they did something wrong, and after the whole weight thing and the Jade's not a good week for Holly Madison.  She seems to be trying to keep her head up about it, but the previews for next week show her storming the Mansion and...we'll find out what happens!
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