Friday, December 10, 2010

Peer Pressure

I've noticed recently that when I go out to eat with anyone, they always ask what I'm drinking.  If I say water, it's like I've punted the baby Jesus.  Even my own mother said she was appaled at the lack of booze we consumed when I last visited her.

Sadly, I think because of Vegas, I'm just over it.  I've been overexposed, and it just never really did anything for me.  Most of the time I drink just because it's socially acceptable.  But while I was back home, I realized that it was just because the drinks here are horrible.

Vegas is the land of Quantity, not Quality.  The dirty martini I had back home, in a place that is equivalent to a PT's here, was one of the best ones I've had in nearly forever.  It's so strange, we have all these famous chefs and the best food here, and the drinks are sub-par.

Now, I'm sure there are good cocktails here, but I'm not willing to pay $100's for a cocktail.  I just want to have one decent drink, and then still be able to drive home.  But that's not the goal here, the goal in Vegas is to get drunk.  Getting drunk in Vegas, you don't really need Patron when you have Jose.

But all I want is one decent drink.  It's just too much to ask.
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