Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Maybe We Can "MeetUp" Later...

A friend of mine once sung the praises of  Specifically, she loved her "Girl's Night Out" group.  I never could figure out if it was supposed to be single slutty girls trolling for guys, or if there was some higher purpose.  At any rate, I attended a couple of free functions as her guest, and the girls seemed okay.  No one I would get a number from and want to be friends with in the future, but they were fine.

Later a friend made me sign up to join a sushi group he had just joined.  I figured since I was in there I'd join the Girl's Night Out group as well.

Big Mistake.

First I was asked a huge series of questions, then told I had to participate in at least 3 events a month, and most of these event cost money.  Being the penny pinching hound I am, I just unsubscribed from the group, then forgot about MeetUp altogether. 

But last week my friend was hosting something for the sushi group, and asked that I come and fill it up so that he looked like he did well at the meetup.

These people....were total social rejects.  It was the most uncomfortable social situation I've had in a long time.  Even though I really try not to look at my phone when meeting new people, I ended up doing it just so that I'd have something to distract me from all the drab personalities.

So, I have to ask, are all meetup groups these social misfits, or did I just pick a bad meetup group?
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