Wednesday, November 24, 2010

'Tis the Season

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, the actual start of the holiday season.  And in the spirit of the Holiday Season I'd like to remind everyone about the saying "goodwill towards man"

Now, I know that Vegas is severely lacking in any sort of goodwill, unless you count an occasional complimentary jello shot at the bar.  But, do me a favor this year: Be Nice.

I just went to Albertson's for some light shopping, and got shoved and knocked out of someone's way without apology a grand total of 4 times.  This was with hardly anyone in the store.  All 4 people gave me dirty looks, like I had been in their way.

This isn't even counting the 3 cars that tried to mow me down in the parking lot in order to get my spot.  This is why I hide under my covers after Thanksgiving is over.  Instead of good will towards man, it's "bitch get out of my way and hand over that last cashmere scarf!"

Especially in these terrible economic times, all we have is each other, is being nice to strangers and making someone's day with just a smile.

So, just for next month...stop being such an asshole, would ya?  Give me something to be thankful for.
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