Thursday, December 16, 2010


I live on the other side of a major street from Holly Madison.  I don't live in a bad area.  Sadly, with the housing market, my gated community has more renters than owners right now. 

Across our "faux-de-sac" moved in, practically in the middle of the night, some rough looking characters.  The garage looked like a scene from Hoarders within a few months.  A few months after that, the car in the driveway lost it's rearview mirrors, and it's license plate.  Then the other car disappeared completely. 

Now we constantly have a shopping cart from the nearest store parked out front, and the redneck kid is always climbing over the wall to get outside the complex.  At least they don't throw wild parties and keep fairly quiet.

Until today.

I was folding laundry upstairs and I heard a popping noise.  It almost sounded like something was hitting the house, so I peaked out the window to investigate.

And they were out in their backyard, shooting a....wait for it...handgun!

They were shooting it over the fence, where on the other side there was a major road and a sidewalk where schoolchildren walk home.  The gun did sound like it was a pellet gun, or possibly some kind of paint gun.  But still, you could injure someone with those! 

But, he's doing it in his own backyard, I can't exactly call the cops for that...I don't think.  I just hope they move out soon.
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