Tuesday, July 6, 2010

True Beauty: Vegas Wedding

First off, I want to mention that my husband said he absolutely loves the sounds I make when I watch these kinds of shows.  I just can't help it.  It's amazing to me, the things that some people will do.  Or not do.  Or not understand.  It's just brilliant.

This episode starts off with a filler of everyone getting creeped out by the contestant that loves to walk around naked.  Something tells me that this will have no impact whatsoever on the competition.

The Beauties go to That Random White Wedding Chapel, where they partake in some weddings.  Who are these people that would let their shotgun wedding be filmed for a sham TV show?  It just seems a little silly.  On top of that, the challenge is completely superficial.  The couples get to hear a few things about the contestants, and basically judged on how cute they are, they pick them to be part of the wedding party.

The secret challenge was comforting a brow-beaten bride, or not comforting her as the case was.  It was kind of a sad scene.  Even though the bride was in on it, I still felt bad for her.  The "mother" berated the bride to be SO badly.  It was so sad.

The best part about this was at the end, when one of the two girl's up for elimination is told she's going home, and the other one comments "Home, like Planet Hollywood, or like home home?"  I almost laughed till I cried.  It's amazing that someone that stupid can scrape by in life, let alone in a reality show.
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