Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tourist Tip #2

 (original blog date May 2, 2008)

We know you want to take pictures, but this ain't your kids high school play. These productions are upwards of 50-200 million dollars in production costs.

One, your picture is gonna suck anyway. Yes, even if you use a flash, you tool. Stop it. Two, you are bugging everyone around you. Flashes distract and detract from the action. Three, you are really gonna be popular when someone of authority comes to tell you to put it away. If this is the second time you are caught, they WILL take your camera away and you can pick it up after the show. Refuse to relinquish your camera, and you'll be taken out of the show. Seriously, just try it.

If you actually paid money to get into the show and no one specifically told you it was okay, then just assume it's not. When you are out on the strip, go crazy. When you are sitting down, don't pull it out unless someone encouraged you to.

And if you try it in the strip club, expect your jeans to get a little dirty as you get thrown out.
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