Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tourist Tip #3

I know this is getting a little heavy on the show aspect of it, but this goes for everything. When you make reservations for anything; Shows, Restaurant reservations, spa appointments, whatever: CHECK TO MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS CORRECT!

If you walk away from that desk/computer, and your paperwork says a date that is not correct, you could be royally screwed.

Lets take the spa appointment for example: If you booked a massage for 12:30 on Thursday, but your paperwork says 1:45 on Saturday, guess what? They have you down for 1:45 on Saturday, and someone else might have that spot at 12:30 on Thursday by the time you realize your mistake. Never walk away until it's all set. I don't care that you are holding up the line, it's better to have a few people mad at you then you furious at yourself. Because it's your fault that you didn't check the confirmation paperwork. Not theirs.

Seriously, while you are busy in your own head, 98% of those employees are reading the dates and times back to you, telling you if there are no cameras allowed (see last post) and giving you all the imperative information you need. If you get to the door and declare, "They never told me that!" You are a dirty liar. That is why you get that look from them. You were told, you just didn't listen.

This is why us locals say the tourist's IQ drops at the airport. But that's a story for another time.
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