Saturday, July 17, 2010

Drunk by 7pm

(original post date October 18th, 2008)
I walk out of the stall in the bathroom at the Blue Martini. A girl is directly in front of me, splashing water everywhere in an attempt to wash her hands. Leaving the water running, she walked over to the paper towels, where she proceeded to slip and slide all over the floor, nearly falling.

I held back my laugh, and approached her still running sink and washed my hands. Water dripped off the sink onto my shoe, so I had to chuckle some more. Drunk girl started to stumble out of the bathroom, but stopped at the first mirror she came across.

Like Narcissus at the pool, she started at herself like she was the living end. She touched her face and made sure her makeup was perfect. I finished washing my hands and headed over to the paper towels and noticed there was no water on the floor; that girl had fallen on nothing, just her own feet.

I headed out and noticed she had found the floor length mirror and was mesmerized by it. I headed out, now laughing out loud. I checked my watch and noticed the time was 7 pm.

Sloppy Ass Drunk by 7pm. Welcome to Vegas.
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