Wednesday, June 16, 2010

True Beauty: Focus Group!

I'm really starting to love this show.  This week the "Face of Vegas" competition, the kids went and interviewed people outside of Planet Hollywood, then attended a focus group to evaluate their style. 

I have no idea where they got this focus group, but they were fantastic.  I want to be friends with these people.  My favorite was the person who said "She makes us sound like people from Vegas are stupid, and we aren't stupid!"

Really, random focus group member?  Really?

I mean, if all this were real, if we were really looking for the Face of Vegas...would we really want some stuffed shirt that could pronounce all the hard words?  Or would we want someone who actually seemed to live on the strip and party and drink?  Someone who looked like they were having fun, and would invite other people to come here and have fun?

I understand there are some people who just want to live in Vegas and pretend the strip doesn't exist...but really, how much fun is that?  It does sort of make me think I should look into professional reality show contestant.  It looks pretty simple!
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