Friday, June 18, 2010

Molto Vegas!

Ryan from Thifting Vegas Viceroy Cards mentioned to me that there was one more farmer's market I should try before giving up on all of them.  It's sponsored by Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich, so I knew it had to be of a slightly higher caliber.  So yesterday we got up early...well, early for us...and headed over to Dean Martin and Molto Vegas!

After a bit of a dyslexic mix-up with the address, we found the warehouse and walked through into what felt like the crowds of a street market of European yore. 

The produce looked amazing, and there was so much to choose from, it was very difficult to narrow everything down.  There were even a few vegetables that I honestly didn't even recognize.  They might have been fruits for all I knew!

We ended up getting a bunch of tomatoes, bell peppers, and squash.  The heirloom tomatoes, as you can see from the picture above, were as ripe as they were ever going to get.  We took them right home and cut them up, put some salt and oil on them, and had a feast.  It was just like being at a Bradley Ogden or B & B Ristorante on the strip; it was the most fresh, amazing ingredients and it makes everything just amazing.  It's like you eat these tomatoes and go straight to heaven.

We made the rest of the tomatoes and some of the bell peppers into amazing salsa, and plan to sauté the squash tomorrow.  We also picked up some apple cider from the Gilcrease Orchard, my favorite.  I wish I had millions of dollars just to spend on the Molto Vegas Farmer's Market.

Only tell your close friends so it's still exclusive, but it's every Thursday from 11AM-1PM, at 7485 Dean Martin Drive, #106.
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