Friday, June 11, 2010

Random Tourist Tip: Leave the Kids AT HOME!

When I was waiting in line for the M Buffet, there was a group of, like, 112 people, with 300 billion kids.

Well, that's what it felt like.

In reality it was a group with 7 children all under the age of 7.  They seemed to be calling all one women "Mom" which scared the crap out of me.  That means that women was pregnant for almost an entire decade.  It had obviously taken it's toll on her as well, because she was paying little to no attention to her kids.

They were running all over the casino, in and out of the line, knocking things down, and making the loudest possible noise.   They were running into people, screaming, and basically causing me to grip the pepper spray in my purse tighter.

I feel you shouldn't have have a larger amount of kids than you can handle.  I feel the same way about driving big cars.  Kids are great, but they have their place.  And it's the parents responsibility to take care of them.  But all that seems to go out the window when it comes to a Vegas vacation.  When my mother and my adult sister come down we usually go to a show that lets out late, and we count how many passed out kids in strollers we see.  It's always more than 10 from the showroom to the parking lot.

So, just a random tourist tip from me to you visitors: Leave your kids at home.  They are NEVER going to have fun here.  Stop being so selfish and go to Legoland until they are 21.  Then you are welcome back here with open arms.

Besides, we have plenty of young people acting like 5 year-olds here already.
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