Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Long Con

(Yes, I'm a Lost fan.  Shush)

About a year back, I was at the Chipotle on Lake Mead when a man approached my table.  He launched into a story about how he needed to pick up his two little girls from soccer practice and he needed anti-freeze.  But he needed a undiluted anti-freeze, not a regular anti-freeze.  I didn't realize there was a difference, but I have anti-freeze in my car.  I have a whole spare car in my trunk, I have everything.  I lead him to my trunk, where he decided it wasn't the antifreeze he needed.

I could tell he wanted me to just give him cash, but I make it a point to never give cash to anyone.  I attribute it to the classic line "They are just gonna spend it on booze and hookers," I never forget that.  I'm a "teach a man to fish" kinda girl.

He went along his merry way, and I forgot all about the incident.  Until a few months later when I was coming out of Pin Kaow on North Rainbow and the same guy approached my friends car.  I kept my mouth shut and let him go through the same lines, and my friend deflected him nicely and within a few minutes we were outta there.

I really wanted to say something to that guy.  I yearned to say something snotty and rude and put him in his place...but I couldn't.  I couldn't because I had no idea what that guy was capable of.  He could have lost it, pulled out a gun, and shot someone.  I hate that aspect of life.  I know it's not specifically Vegas-based, but in case this guy is still out pulling this con somewhere, I hope someone with a bulletproof vest puts him in his place.
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