Friday, May 21, 2010

History Repeats

About a month ago the husband and I decided to go to The Las Vegas History Museum.  We had seen some billboards and figured we would go check it out.

Not only did we feel like we overpaid (with our locals discount), but the entire museum felt like a Readers Digest History Museum.  It took us 40 minutes to walk through the whole museum, and that's because we stopped and watched the sting rays for a whole 15.

They had recently expanded to house the Egypt exhibit, and frankly it reminded me of a slightly extended King Tut exhibit at the Luxor.  Which, in itself, was pretty underwhelming.  And overpriced.  Is that even still there?  Did they have to tear it down for the Titanic and Bodies shows?

The whole experience was so sad we felt like we should go dig up some rocks so they had more interesting pieces to draw interest.  Almost the entire ocean exhibit seemed to be under construction, but without the signs to tell us so.  There were many darken exhibits and unexplained empty tanks.  I felt more like I was on the set of Night at the Museum instead of an actual museum.

I won't be going back anytime soon, nor would I recommend it to anyone.  If you are over in that area, you are better off at the Neon Museum.
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