Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Game of Chicken You Will Always Lose

I will be re-posting some posts from the old blog on the weekends.  The original date for this post was July 21st, 2007)

Sometimes I love the tourists. I love their stupid questions such as "How do I get out of here?" and "Where's the Dior store?"

But walking with them is a terror no matter what time it is. Because as a tourist, you are amazed by every little thing around you. Every. Little. Thing. I realize you don't see these things at home, but for the most part it's just a casino. Just because you've never seen a Wheel of Fortune slot machine is no reason to stop dead in front of me.

Yesterday it was necessary for me to walk through the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. It took me almost twenty minutes to walk from the entrance down to the Cheesecake Factory. That distance should have taken me 5 minutes, maybe six considering my high heels and the cobblestone-like floor.

But I would walk a few feet and then a tourist would stop right in front of me. I've learned the graceful art of the side step, but when faced with multiple people stopping dead in front of me, it becomes a little difficult.

After a while I noticed that no one was attempting to get out of my way...not one. So I decided to play chicken and win. I would keep on my path and let them get out of MY way. I would hold my ground and...


I swear it felt like my shoulder had shattered. I clutched it and looked back to give an offending look to the oblivious tourist, but they were long gone. They didn't even notice that they hit anything at all. Despite the fact that it was hurting me, I tried it again.



And this is how the game "bowling for tourists" began.
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