Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lemme Tell You 'Bout The Springs Preserve!

(original blog date February 9, 2010)
The Springs Preserve was named one of the top things to check out in Vegas on a web page (link!) recently. (Sorry, it looks like that web site doesn't exist anymore) They linked it on their twitter, so I read the article.

Well, I read as much as I could before realizing this article had more typos than a six-grade essay on Shakespeare. Honestly, I didn't even get down to the point where Springs Preserve was mentioned, it was bothering me so much! So, I thought I'd write a blog post about them, because frankly I've been meaning to. They aren't paying me, I really just think they need some (good) press that's been spell-checked.

The second time I went to visit Springs Preserve, I got a annual pass. Living in Las Vegas, you almost forget that you live in a desert. There are Bellagio Fountains and neon is everywhere. Unless you want to haul yourself all the way out to Red Rock, you forget nature exists sometimes.

Enter Springs Preserve, right across from The Meadows mall. A place you'd never guess nature would exist, but it does, and it's beautiful. It has a great museum with fantastic exhibits, amongst many other things. It is exactly the type of place that I wouldn't have wanted to leave as a kid on a field trip.

It wouldn't be Vegas without a Wolfgang Puck restaurant, but every time I've been there, yummy food awaits. Puck never seems to disappoint, and that is the case at Springs Preserve.

Last time I was there I did a short walk with my husband along one of the trails, and it's like one big history lesson out there. Seeing the dams that were built so long ago, the old house, alongside the Springs Preserve's modern architecture, is beautiful. We found ourselves talking about how, if we were dropped back in time, those paths would look.

I'm sad to say I haven't experienced everything at Spring's Preserve yet, but I do want to before my annual pass expires! Especially all the special days they have during the summer, such as Shakespeare days and ice cream socials. They are the only place I've found in Vegas that makes it seem like there is a community of people that come together to enjoy each others company.

As my favorite literary character Anne Shirley once said, "There's so much scope for imagination there!"

And there is. So, if you live in Vegas, go out and enjoy it now before it gets too hot!
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