Saturday, May 29, 2010

Unintentional Trend Setter

(original date July 3, 2007)
It's nearing midnight, and I'm heading home after having a ice cream feast with a friend. I'm still pouring over the night's subject matter, and my mind is wandering. I have my eye on the light up ahead, which is green.

I don't see it until it's to late that I'm looking to far down the road. I'm going 45 MPH and I'm mere feet from the red light in front of me.

My heart starts beating like a rabbit's; if it weren't for all of the people stopped in the lanes beside me I wouldn't have noticed until...well, maybe never. Thankfully, because it was so late, no one was coming from the other direction. I coasted through the intersection, knowing I was about to get pulled over.

I have horrible luck when it comes to these things, and I slowed down to wait for the cop to pull me over. I looked in my rear view mirror, fully expecting to see flashing lights. What I did see shocked the hell out of me.

All four cars that had seen me careen through the red light and get away with it, were currently running the red light as well! A car with the green light slowed and stopped in the middle of the intersection because everyone was running the light!!!

Only in Vegas can a person break the law and become a trend setter.
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