Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bad Attitude

I don't have as bad an attitude as say, VegasRex, but I'm not all sunshine and rainbows about Vegas. In all honestly, it could just be the fact that I've come from "Little Vegas."

It cracks me up, everytime someone from the East Coast thinks that Reno and Vegas are right next to each other.  Of course, you could drive through 8 states in the time it would take you to drive from Reno to Vegas.  Sadly, there are some Vegas natives that think the same thing.

Growing up in Reno, we were constantly compared to Vegas.  I'll admit that I assumed Vegas just had a "strip" longer than ours, but it was exactly the same thing.  In Reno you could count the months by the city-wide community events.  If it's September, you know you'll see hot air balloons in the early morning sky.  If it's Summer, you know you'll have Hot August Nights and Artown events to fill your days.  You also have fresh produce from the Sparks Farmers Market for a great meal.  And it wasn't a national holiday unless they roped off downtown Reno for a parade or two. 

Reno truly is the Biggest Little City in the World.  I assumed Las Vegas would be no different.  That's what I get for assuming.

We came down to get our Masters Degrees, and ended up just working, our masters degrees now a distant memory.  We found that Las Vegas is exactly as it promotes itself; a place where there are no consequences.  This also means that there isn't really time for community.  Or so it seems.  I've done many a search for community events, but everything there is only lends itself to disappointment.  The farmers market is 5 tables with produce from Albertson's.

Or maybe it's just my bad attitude.
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