Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What They Don't Tell You About Moving to Las Vegas: Your Priorities Change

Some things you only notice once you have left.  Just before Christmas I actually moved out of Las Vegas and back to my hometown of Reno.  Being back here for a little bit has made me realize more of the changes that I made to myself during my 10 year Vegas run.

When I left for Vegas I was very strict about relationships.  If someone cheated, it was OVER.  No talking about it, nothing.  It was just over.  Pack your bag, get out of the house, get a divorce, even if you have been married for decades.  After a couple of years in Vegas, I didn't feel like that anymore.  Everyone gets away with so much that you get used to it after awhile.

I also completely lost my patience for waiting in lines.  I was a local, and if I had to wait in a line for more than a few minutes I was 110% done with that club.  I never even saw the inside of Rok Vegas because they had the nerve to keep my friends and I waiting for almost an hour because Katy Perry was there.  We were super pissed off, and never actually bought anything at New York New York ever again.

You are more willing to take chances you normally wouldn't, because you don't get into as much trouble.  There is a lot of drinking that I would have never done if I moved to another town.  There are a lot of bad priorities you fall into that you never think about until you have left.  I'm just learning about all my bad habits here, and I'm sure I'll come up with more and post when I do.
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