Monday, September 29, 2014

Pineapple Park @pineappleparklv DOLE WHIP ALERT!

Some people say that the best food at Disneyland is the Dole Whip at the Enchanted Tiki Room.

It is pretty impressive.  The Dole Whip Float is an amazing piece of culinary art.  It really is almost too pretty to eat.  We got this on our second trip to their location inside the Boulevard Mall, because the first time they had run out of the pineapple flavor.  Yes, they are that good that they ran out on their opening weekend. 

When we swung by the first time, I was a little disappointed that I wasn't about to re-taste my childhood, but the owner recommended (At least I'm pretty sure he was the owner.  He seemed to be running things, and was super-friendly) some other flavors.

The Neon Beast got banana, and I got raspberry.  I'm not lying when I say that when I took my first bite, I was so happy that they had run out of pineapple.  It was the most amazing flavor, and the NB's banana was really good.  That's coming from someone who really hates banana.

It's like they made it so that it was almost too pretty to eat.  Neon Beast got a blue spoon and I got a pink one.  I couldn't figure out if that was for aesthetic purposes or there was a gender thing going on.  As you'll notice, when we shared one we got two blue spoons, so I'm guessing it was purely for looking good.

So, this is located in Boulevard "I'm afraid to leave my car outside because it's going to get stolen" Mall.  I'm still not tooooo happy with the location, but it's better than a Luv-It Custard location.  According to this article, more locations are opening soon.  Huzzah!

Their social media is on point as well.  Every time I posted something they answered me within minutes.  Minutes!  I have to have respect for that.  I also really enjoy their Instagram feed.  I suggest you drop everything you are doing now and go give them business and your stomach a great snack.  Did I mention that Dole Whips are totally Vegan?  Well THEY ARE.  So all you tree hugging kids have a new snack.  You're welcome.

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