Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Last night I found some unexpected free time on my hands, and I got talked into Bingo at South Point.

I was told I had to bring a small token to bring me luck.  Being as luckless as myself, I didn't really have anything to bring, so I ended up with a pocket mirror from my purse on the table.  He brought a couple that are in the picture, along with his winnings.  I'm not lucky enough apparently.

My friend decided it would be better to play electronically, so we picked up an electronic PlaySchool looking thing and our 52 some odd cards were in play.  It was exactly as I remembered it in grade school, only this time the machine would beep if I was close at all.  It beeped exactly once the entire night, and that was right as someone was calling Bingo.

Since the Kindle Fire I ordered still hadn't shipped, I decided to people watch.  Most people were chain-smoking through the whole game, but there was one little old lady sitting across from me that made my night with her shenniagians.

She came in and set up her machine, then proceed to pull a three course dinner out of her purse.  First came the salad which she ate through the first few games, then kept on moving through to the end of the meal, which appeared to be a brownie.  Then for the last 4 or so games, she took a nap.  Other people there were not that interesting, and all seemed to be big chain smokers.

I guess Bingo isn't my thing.
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