Monday, March 21, 2011

Holly's World: Nichole Visit and Josh's Mom #HollysWorld

Angel and Josh come down to South Carolina to see what the big break in his missing parents case is.  Angel interviews how proud of Josh she is.

Back in Vegas, Apparent Internet Sensation Nichole337 is coming to Vegas to visit Holly.  She seems like she's maybe 14 years old, and about as geeky looking as they come.  She posts videos of her singing pretty terribly, and Holly says she's against haters and has awesome confidence.  Because she has such great confidence about herself, Holly decides to give her a makeover.  Holly, do you see the issue here?  She's so confident in herself, that you are inviting her to Vegas to change her.  Way to Go.

Holly and Laura pick Nichole and her dad up from the airport in a limo, and while in the limo Holly starts telling her about all the Spa stuff she has picked out for her to do.  Laura non-sequiters that she's going to have her butt waxed.  I always knew that girl was a hairy ape. Nichole's dad says "Ummmm that sounds like fun."

Back in SC, Josh is showing off all his pictures his adoptive parents have up on the walls.  His parents seem really nice, I have to wonder why he is having such an issue with being adopted.  If I had parents that cool, I wouldn't go looking for the trash that left me.  But that's just me.

Holly invites Nichole to draw on her wall, and says that she was just like Nichole when she was young.  They sing a little song to the camera, which is pretty horrible.

In SC, Josh tells his parents that he has a meeting with his PI team, and asks if he thinks they found anything.  His mom answers she's not hopeful, because the adoption records were sealed with a court order.  Josh asks his mom how she would feel if she is found, and after a huge pause she said she'd be supportive, because she couldn't have children, and she got Josh.  Good answer, Mom, I love ya!

After commercials it's back to Vegas where Nichole gets to go to Qua at Caesars Palace.  Holly is a "makeover" expert, so she sets her up with the works.  Laura asks what's up with the Makeover Madness, and Holly just said she felt like it.  Well okay!

Back in SC, Josh interviews that there's always been a hole in him after finding out he was adopted.  He's nervous, but goes to lunch.  He asks his parents to be at the restaurant when he finds out, in case he needs them.  He's awful needy.  But the parents know their son, and agree to go with him.

Nichole keeps getting crap done to her, and finally comes out look....pretty much the same.  Maybe it's just the way her glasses are always down around the bottom of her nose blocking any makeup they would've done.  Either way, I'm not overly impressed.

Josh and Angel meet with the PI team, and they reveal that his mother worked at Piggily Wiggly.  They found a co-worker of his mothers, who said that Josh looks exactly like his mother.  Through that info they found his grandmother, who is still alive and she provided them with his birth mothers information.  Josh cries into Angel.

Planet Hollywood the Caesars Restaurant wants Holly's prints, and Nichole tags along with her dad. Holly said she wasn't fazed by cameras and did great, and they seem to pretty much say goodbye at that point.

Back in the SC, Josh is still being emotional, and the PIs tell him that his mother really wants to meet him, and that she's nearby if he wants her to come over, right that minute.  He says yes, and they place the call.  She's on her way, and Josh asks for his adoptive mom.  She comes up and comforts Josh, and she's crying herself.  She's says "I wanna hug her neck so bad, you don't even know.  She gave me a gift" and I fall just a little bit more in love with her.

Everyone is looking at the door, waiting for her to walk in and....................

Next week on Holly's World: Holly is still fat, and Josh has a heart to heart with his birth mother.
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