Monday, February 7, 2011

@AdamRoyerMTV Press Day Interview

Michael Adam Royer was my first interview on Press Day.  I was so nervous, I had flashcards and an old tape recorder and was most certain I'd be asked to leave because I was so unprofessional.

Adam set the tone for the whole day, and he set me at ease right away.  It was more of a fun conversation than an interview, and all the reservations I had just melted away.

The only thing I'd been able to find on the internet about him was that he was put in Juvy for his involvement in a shooting.  I also had heard he'd been kicked out after just under a month of filming.  Of course he couldn't talk about anything that happened during filming, so we had to skim over the kicking out.

He was wearing exactly the outfit he has on in the picture to the right.  I have to point out that pictures don't quite do him justice, in person he has a very attractive quality that I do think shines through in the show (BTW thanks MTV for the first episode so I say this and not be blowing smoke!)

"I learn from every mistake I do, and I never regret it."  He said he was shocked at how only three weeks after he found out he was going to be on the show, it was all over the internet.  "If you check the blogs, there's stuff I barely knew about myself on there."

"I'm sure there's going to be a lot of shit on TV that I'm like 'fuck, I shouldn't have done that' but it'll make me stronger in the end."

He told a great story of how one of his friends came to visit him during the show, and lost a camera one of the nights he was here.  Adam's friend told him to just call production and ask them to check where he had lost it.  Adam tried to explain that they don't talk to them, it's not the way the process works, but his friend insisted.  Adam approached production and said his friend lost a camera.  Production basically said "so?"  It's nice to know that it's still a genuine experience from their part.

He laughs when some people ask him if the show is scripted.  He said "no matter what happened, they just kept rolling cameras."  He said they don't even get involved in trying to stir things up, they just let it all happen.

"I want my own TV Show" He says.  His life is so full of drama he often wonders why he doesn't have cameras on him 24/7.  It's his long term goal after the show, and he has the most personality to pull it off.

He revealed that the guys had the most drama in the house, but for the most part he gets along with everyone now.  I know from watching the trailer that there is property damage for sure!  I can't wait to see how long he lasts and how it all goes down!

Leave a comment below and tell me what roommate you want to see my in-dept interview on next! Leroy, Dustin, Michael, Heather, Nany or Naomi?
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