Saturday, October 23, 2010


When I lived back home, I was always 15 minutes early.  However, in a place that takes only 15 minutes to get anywhere, it wasn't hard.  I got angry when there were people that were always late, and complained.

Then I moved to Vegas.

Everyone was always late.  This is, in part, to do with traffic, but mostly to do with apathy.  There is just no need to be right on time when you are going to a club.  Basically unless it's a show or a professional appointment, there is no reason to be on time.  And everyone knows this.  Call it "LV Standard Time" if you must.

There have been some people I've come across that have just moved here, and they seem to take such offense by this, in addition to never being on time themselves.  I hate this double standard these people seem to have. 

We live in Vegas, and Vegas has it's own set of rules.  I think we sometimes forget that after living here for awhile.  We get used to the lack of rules that governs the rest of the 49 states.  Just this afternoon I was driving on LVB and saw a man on the street, staring with disbelief at the open Budweiser in his hand.  He was clearly so excited to be out on the street with an open container of booze.  Later on this very night, I suspect he will also be joyous that he is drunk in public, and not in the back of a police car.

We live in a world without many rules, and in order to function, we have to give in to it in order to survive.  If we all get bent out of shape whenever someone is a little late to an event, we will never survive here.

I'm not saying it's a good thing, but it's an important thing.  Besides, you can always tell them to get there 15 minutes earlier, and then they'll show up on time!
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