Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Couture!

As a kid, I lived about 8 hours North of Vegas, so I never really saw the point of dressing up for Halloween. My costumes were covered up by a ski jacket every year, and it took all the fun out of it. I decided to stay home at a young age and hand out candy because I enjoyed it more. I liked seeing how other kids got creative with their outfits.

Thankfully this Halloween I get to enjoy my favorite parts of the holiday with the Halloween Couture Show. IADT, the Las Vegas Fashion Design School, are putting on an extravaganza at Fashion Show Mall on October 30th at 2:00pm. The student designers will be able to show their avant-garde fashions in the show…and unlike Project Runway, we don’t have to vote anyone off!

I’m excited to go, it should be more exciting than the usual shows they have there on the weekends, and I hope to get some great shots while I’m there! Who’s coming with me?
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