Wednesday, September 1, 2010

That was Effen Good!

A few night ago I went to an Effen Vodka event at the Wynn with a few friends.  It was located in the Tryst nightclub, which is always beautiful, but they made the mistake of putting all the mixologist into the center dance floor area, which is NOT roomy at all.

So as we were squeezing around the crowd, there were four tables with two mixologists each.  I HAVE to call them mixologists, because just plain bartenders is NOT what these gentlemen were doing.  They were creating the most amazing drinks that vodka can make. 

The first table we hit had a fun champagne/vodka/raspberry drink that he had just finished mixing.  It was a great drink to start; not overly complicated, like the vodka equivalent of a palate cleanser.  The second table was cantaloupe/lemongrass/vodka kind of combination, and it was so much fun!  Of course, my friend with me thought the lemongrass was rolled up cantaloupe or something, resulting in the best look on her face.  It was like a Laurel and Hardy routine, with me jumping up and down telling her to not eat it, and her practically spitting out the lemongrass.

The last table we went to (there were two more, but the mass of the crowd was so big by then, we just bailed out and met up with the rest of the crowd we came with) had a jalapeno vodka drink that was amazing!  they managed to get enough of the hot out of the pepper, but it still had that amazing hotness tickle at the back of your throat.  It reminded me of a drink at a bar back home that has been discontinued.

It's been so long since I've had a truly awesome drink, let alone a bunch of them.  I wish there were more events like that, where a bunch of mixologists were competing, so they feel the need to step it up.  I've had more bad drinks in Vegas that it hardly seems fun to drink anymore.  We went to 2 other events that night, and none of them had the quality of drinks that this event did.

Thanks to Effen Vodka for a great event!
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