Monday, June 7, 2010

The M Resort Buffet

A little while back I got treated by a friend to the M Buffet.  I wasn't overly excited for it, mostly because the M Resort is in the middle of nowhere, and partly because I'm not a big fan of buffets.

I'm the type that feels a buffet is either way too much food that I want, or not enough food that I want.  I almost always end up with a plate of some of the weirdest combination of foods.

I think, for me, it's just all that food standing there.  And how long has it been standing there?  Has someone come along and done something to it?  Obviously, I put entirely too much thought into buffets.

The M Buffet changed ALL that.  It was amazing!  They had so many different things to choose from, from all different parts of the world, and everything was being manned by an employee so you knew nothing weird had happened to it.  Even vegetarians would have NO problem eating at this buffet.  They even have sushi, which isn't quite sushi bar quality, but much better than the sushi you find at a supermarket.

It's expensive as all get out, but it really is worth it.

One of my plates:

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