Monday, January 5, 2015

Things They Don't Tell You About Moving to Vegas: Your Clothing Style Changes

Winter is just long enough that you feel like you could never imagine how hot Summer is.  Summer is just long enough that you think that Winter just doesn't exist.  This vastly alters the way you shop for clothing.

I'm not talking about the way that you think about clothing, although that is a part of it.  Slutty now has to go way further for you to consider it slutty.  In fact, you could wear the above picture to church and I'm sure no one would bat an eye.

You start buying items with less weight to them without really noticing.  Suddenly your closet is filled with items that you wouldn't pay $10 for.  Items that would render you feeling absolutely naked in any other place.

If you go to a place with cooler temps, you'll over compensate and have nothing for the weather you actually have once you get there.

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