Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Thursday Already?

On Thanksgiving Eve, a report came that people were camping out in front of a currently open Best Buy store here in Vegas.

Seriously?  Seriously?

Advertising for Black Friday on Thursday at midnight was rampant.  In fact, Wal-Mart said you no longer had to wait in the cold, you could come in and have your shopping cart full and just check out at midnight.  Even Black Friday has eclipsed itself...

1 month, 1 holiday didn't take off the way it should, because people were shopping online before they had finished their dinner rolls.  The ones in line didn't even get a Thanksgiving.  My question is, who are you shopping for if you don't even want to spend Thanksgiving with anyone?

Then it hits me; Are these people shopping for themselves?  Is shopping for deals for yourself what these people are actually doing?  If so, I'm worried for America.  I'm more worried for America when I read that the crazy people camping out in line are pepper-spraying each other.

Christmas was originally just to celebrate Christ.  It's basically a little bookend to Easter, which is also supposed to be about Jesus.  Not Candy.  Not Presents.  But then Corporate America made it about buying presents for people, in the spirit of giving.

Now you people are out pepper spraying each other over a gift FOR YOURSELF.

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