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Real World Recap: Dustin's Secret and I'm Totally Late. #RealWorld

As I mentioned on Twitter, I had a sort of big week, so I had to put this recap off until now.  But, don't they say better late than never?  Well, even if they don't say that anymore, I'm doing it anyway!

Previously, Dustin doesn't like to judged.  And likes Heather.

They take a trip to the Venetian, and it's decided that they are going to ride the gondolas based on sex. Dustin says it's gay to ride on the gondolas with a dude, and he isn't going to do it.  Mike and Leroy hilariously ride together alone, telling people passing by that they are getting married, and do a hilarious fake make out just for good measure.

Dustin calls his mother, who seems to be very excited to hear from him.  He asks her if she's feeling okay, she says she just fine and why does he ask?  He tells her that he can tell by the tone of her voice that she's in the beginning stages of racing.  Now, I had to back that up and turn on the closed captioning, and at first I still didn't understand it.  Is Dustin's mom a closeted race car driver?  She denys this, and he interviews that when he was a kid his mom was into drugs, and it aggravated her bi-polarism.  Basically racing is when you go off your bi-polar medication, and that's what happened when Dustin's mom when to prison.  She gets very upset when she's accused of this racing, as a bi-polar person off their meds is want to do, and then starts crying and asks him to please not stop calling her.  Dustin never said he wasn't going to call her again, on camera anyway, but her crying and asking is a heartbreaker, and even though I don't know the whole story, I feel sorry for her.

Dustin tells Heather about what it was like to grow up with his mom being bi-polar, and we see a little bit of his audition tape with his mom.  She very tiny and looks like she's been through a lot.  She would leave Dustin without babysitters and go do drugs and hang out with random guys and go home with them.  Heather interviews that she can only be there for him.  It has to be really tough when you are a kid and you end up taking care of your parents.  It changes people, I've seen it happen.  It's heartbreaking.  But in the end, it's like those kids switch to being a split personality themselves.  Part of them is always a grown up and always wanting to take care of people because that's all they know, and the other part of them will sort of always be a child because no one was there for them to show them how to be an adult.  I really feel like this is the case with Dustin.

Nany gets a call from Adam, who says that people have been blowing up Dustin's blog (I'm assuming on the Real World site, but I could be wrong, he might have his own blog) about the porn he used to do.  Nany says "What?!?" and they up the font size (silly producers) to show Adam saying "He did porn!" and then does his trademark "Don't tell anyone" gag, which means tell everyone.  True  to form, she gets off the phone in order to tell Naomi, and they laugh about it, but feel bad for Heather (aka peanut, the most adorable nickname ever).

Heather gets an email from her mom telling her basically what Adam told Nany.  Heather is very quiet, gets up from the computer and sits down in the living room.  Dustin comes out from his shower and Heather is visibly upset, so he asks her what is wrong.  She asks if there is anything he hasn't told her.  He said there's lots that he hasn't told her.  She asks if there is anything really important he hasn't told her about, and Dustin panics because he knows that she's found out.  He basically avoids confrontation at all costs and runs out to Subway for food.

Nany notices Heather upset on the couch and asks her if someone called her.  She said someone emailed her, and Nany tells Heather to come on, she knows what it is, and says she probably should have told her herself.  She confirms that Heather's mom is telling the truth, and Heather burys her face in her hands and starts crying and says "I just want to go home," and "I feel stupid." It's a lot of information to process at once, the porn and the fact that he didn't tell her about it.  Just for the STD's alone he should've really been upfront about this in my opinion.  Nany is very supportive, telling her she shouldn't feel stupid and he should have been upfront about it.  Heather says she wants to see the site now, and they kick Mike off the computer to show her.  Nany says she'll erase the browser history, and Heather says it doesn't matter because she's not gonna lie about.

Dustin comes home and approaches Heather with "Why don't you tell me what your friends told you, and I'll tell you how much of it is true."  Spoken like a true person who wants to only reveal as much as they need to in order to avoid total catastrophe.  Heather calls him on it and tells him to tell her what is true.  He says he was approached after graduation to live in a house with a web cam following him around all the time, even in the showers, and then falters and says he's not good at apologizing and she still isn't looking at him, so he asks if she just wants to be left alone.  She says "You don't think I have a right to be upset?"  Dustin is shocked and says "You are really that upset?" He brings up that Adam went to jail for a shooting and everyone rallied around him for it, but I think the difference is Adam never had to bring that up, but he brought it up first. 

Heather says "You got taped having sex, it's all over the internet!"  Dustin's wheels start spinning in his head, and then he cocks his head and looks at Heather and says "Wait, what? I...I didn't get taped having sex."  Heather looks at him, and it's hard to tell if it's a "maybe this is a misunderstanding" face, or a "you are completely full of shit" face.  She asks if he was never taped having sex with someone else, and he says "Well, yes I did.  On a video." Like that makes it better. Heather verifies it was with another guy, then asks "Are you gay?"  Dustin makes a lemon face and declares "NO!" to both gay and bi-sexualness.

"It went against my values and all that" Dustin says, but he was in a place where he felt there was no other way out because his parents weren't there.  I'm pretty sure somewhere else was hiring entry level positions, but whatever.  He asks if she wants to know anything else, she says no.  He walks out of the bathroom and leaves her alone.

The cast decides to go to see Zumanity, and Nany thinks it's good for Heather to get out.  Dustin says he doesn't really want to go, but he's sucking it up.  Mike interviews that Zumanity is "all about the carnal intent of man."  Just say sex Mike, it's okay.  Leroy interviews that all the female performers are in thongs, and he's liking what he sees so far.  Cut to male dancers showing off their ass, and Leroy making a -_- face.  "Disturbing" he says.  Hilarious, I say.

They make Mike eat a banana, and they pull Dustin on stage, and you can tell by Heather's face her mind is so elsewhere.  Leroy interviews that he's worried about Dustin, and that Heather told him that he participated in gay porn.  Cooke is there, and she looks mad uncomfortable.  Cooke interviews that she's uncomfortable because she had a crush on Dustin, but her feelings are pretty much canceled out at this point and she just wants to be there for Heather.

Heather and Cooke talk in the kitchen about it, and Heather says "When was he going to tell me about it?  When it was 2 years into the relationship? After we were married? When our kid was looking for it on the internet?" And though she's upset, she makes a fine point.  Earlier in the relationship would've been better for stuff like this.  But then she says "I've said it before, I could never date a guy who would kiss another guy."  And I've seen next week's preview where she is making out with Nany, and I have to call hypocrisy on this one.  You can't say one thing and do another.  But we'll cover that next week apparently.

Dustin says he doesn't know what he's going to tell everyone, because Leroy is homophobic, and Mike is all black and white, there is no gray with him.  I don't think he's like that but I guess we'll see, won't we?  Dustin goes to the kitchen and knows that everyone knows.  He panics and leaves the suite.

When he comes back in Leroy asks if they can step outside for a minute.  Leroy says that the past is the past, but wonders why he kept it a secret.  Leroy says that he's gone around making homophobic comments, and obviously it wasn't okay and he needed to keep it to himself if it upset Dustin.  Dustin skews the truth a bit and tells him it was just a webcam show where they were naked, and Leroy brings up that Dustin has been more than a little judgmental.  Flashback to Dustin saying "People are put on the earth for one fucking reason, and that is to reproduce."  Leroy says he's not here to judge Dustin, but that only God will judge him.  Leroy says that Dustin should be on his knees to god right now, and Dustin says "for what?"  Leroy says that all he's asking Dustin to do is talk to god about it more than anything. 

Dustin doesn't want to come back into the suite, and Heather comes out.  Dustin wants her to get away, and she says she didn't tell all of them, that Nany knew because Adam told her first.  Dustin says he feels the judgment coming from the room, and it's too much.  Dustin walks back into the suite and starts packing.  Heather says she loves him, and doesn't get a response.  He leaves the suite.

The roommates discuss Dustin's departure, and Leroy is conflicted, but Mike says that it's best that he leaves.  Mike is upset that it was hidden from him, and he thinks that Dustin would've kept it to himself the whole time if they hadn't found out.  Considering they are just under halfway into this experience, I'd have to agree with him.  But I don't think he should leave because of the lying or the porn.  Dustin is making too big a deal out of this, if he had come clean at the beginning, it would've never blown up to this level.  This is what I was talking about with the always being a child thing.  He'd rather walk away from a situation than face it like an adult.

The next morning Dustin's past has gone viral, and he's still out there alone somewhere.  Let's hope without an internet connection.  Heather calls her mom and talks to her about the situation.  Her mom says maybe she should back up with Dustin a bit, get to know him a little better before continuing the relationship.  Her mom is so supportive and perfect in the conversation, and ends the call with "call me anytime."  After a search on the internet with Leroy and Mike, Heather says she doesn't want him to come back.

Naomi, Nany, and Cooke are eating at Mr. Luckys and discussing the situation.  Cooke feels bad for Heather, and says that she's actually kind of glad that something broke them up because now she feels like they are all together.  I think it's just because you wanted to see them broken up period, but whatevs.

Dustin comes back into the suite to face the music.  He's finally gotten to the point where he knows he needs to face the situation, and calls a meeting.  He explains himself as best he can, says that he was very good at hiding this fact from everyone even when it was happening.  He even had a girlfriend at the time who never knew.  Leroy asks who Dustin even is, because everything up until this point seems like it was a lie.  Dustin says that a job doesn't make him who he is, just like Leroy being a garbage man doesn't make him a different person.  Heather says that at the same time, Leroy doesn't go around looking at garagemen and saying 'I could never do that, it's disgusting." And again Heather makes a great point.

Mike decides to stay quiet, and Nany asks if he regrets it.  He says not really, and says the boss was like a father figure.  They point out to him that he was being manipulated, and he doesn't accept it.  He says that he and Heather would've never gotten together if he'd been upfront about it first.  Heather says that means the whole relationship was based on a lie, and that's something that she needed to know.  He thanks them for listening, says he's sorry, and walks back out the door with his backpack on.

Leroy wants him to go, and Mike agrees.  Mike doesn't respect him (but he never did), and says he's crazy.  Leroy tells him to calm down, and Mike writes him a letter to get all the emotions out.  However, that exercise only works when you then throw the letter out, but instead Mike hands it over to Dustin, who is sleeping in his bed, so apparently he didn't leave with his backpack on and my plasma screen is broken or something.  Dustin reads the letter and interviews that it basically says that Mike hates Dustin, wants him to leave, but also wants to help him because he feels bad for him.  Dustin goes to sleep in the confessional, I think to get away from the feeling that everyone was judging him.

Heather and Dustin go eat at Pink Taco, and Dustin says he wants to stay because he needs to stop running.  Then Dustin launches into some nonsense I can't even recap because it really doesn't make sense, but it really makes me think that hiding this secret has changed him, maybe more than he ever knows.  He seems to be still hiding it from himself in a way, because I think he isn't ready to deal with it.  Heather asks if she needs to get tested, he says no, but she says she's going to anyway.  He again asks her if all this is really that big of a deal, and she says yes.  He completely turns the tables on her and treats her as if she was the one who was doing something wrong.  Dustin says it's over between him and Heather because he lied.

Next Time: Naomi might be preggo!  Ruh-Roh!
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