Friday, March 4, 2011

Dustin Zito, @DustinZito MTV Press Day Interview #RealWorld

Dustin Dustin Dustin.  He was such a tough egg to crack.  On the outside, he seemed genuinely personal-able with a great southern gentleman quality.  His good looks and charm could easily win anyone over initially. 

Even when they get to know him, he seems charming.  He's easy to fall in love, as his friends say, and it's the friends that really see what you are all about.  As the interwebs prove, however, he was naked on a web site, and maybe more.  People have called it "gay porn" but there is no concrete proof yet as to exactly what it was.  In previews, Heather says "you had sex, and it was on the internet!"  So I'm sure it's a little true, but only time will tell on that.

But there is something more to this guy, and I can't tell which it is.  Maybe it's that under all that charm, he's a little arrogant.  He's competitive and a little controlling, and willing to do something underhanded if it gets him what he wants.  Or, maybe under all that, he's a little unsure of who he really is, and having trouble finding himself.

I interviewed him after the Real World was over, so maybe it was something that happened in the suite that mad him uncertain of who he was.  My first few years in Vegas got me to do things that I would never think of doing back home, so I can see it happening.  I'm very interested to see how he'll be portrayed this season, and to make crack him open and see what's really inside.
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