Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Telephone Game

I was followed on Twitter a few weeks ago by someone who was a hotel operator, posting anonymously.  I thought it would be interesting, much like the LVCabbie (the only person who is allowed to post three or more tweets at a time, in my opinion) or Courtesan.  But, oh was I wrong.

The "Operator" was a long winded, short sighted, obnoxious individual.  I immediately started skipping past their tweets (which were several tweets long, a big no no in my twitter rules), but not before I saw that he/she said that hotels never transfer someone to another hotel if asked.

Excuse me?

I couldn't let something like that slide.  I replied, saying that I've called the operator in many casinos that had no problem transferring me.  In fact, some might call that the only reason they dial zero.

That got me several DMs explaining to me how in their hotel, it's not allowed, but that most big strip hotels will "bend over backwards" to "suck up" to guests.

Knowing I would be fighting a losing battle, and knowing Captain Long-Winded would just start up again, I just replied "You should really be writing a blog."  The underhanded humor, of course, was lost on him/her.  He/She then launched again into a poorly worded excuse for how they had been asked to do a blog, of course, but the time...blah blah blah, it wouldn't stop.  After 15 or so DMs (that were blowing up my phone in the meantime) I deleted them off of my follow list to order to avoid more DMing.

And all they do is complain about things that are basically their job to do.  It's not like it's being presented in a way that's all "Isn't it funny, someone asked to be connected to NASA today!" It's complaining.  I'm sorry, but in this economic climate...you don't complain about your job.  Especially when your job is as easy as that.  You transfer calls.  STFU, especially if you don't understand basic concepts like grammar and sentence structure.  And 140 character limits.

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