Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Panic Attack

Getting out of my development has become challenging.  Since the opening of a recent street, there is a non-stop stream of cars and I'm the one with the stop sign.  It sometimes takes 10 minutes just to get out.

Can I call someone about this?  The city or something?  I really want to like, steal some stop signs and just make it a 4 way stop.

I almost got hit coming out the other day, because someone got angry that I was being cautious and whipped around me as I was pulling out.  It was a serious near miss, and it really scared me.  Then of course, there were the usual traffic shenanigans on the way to the store, the other near misses that are everyday occurrences in this crazy town.

Then, the store was insane.  I thought after Christmas they put those annoying crazy people away, but I was wrong.  I couldn't get half my list because I couldn't get to anything.  It's like these people weren't even shopping, they were just hanging front of everything I needed.  And they all just don't care.  I almost walked out of the store without getting anything.

When did parents stop teaching manners?  And is it just here, or is the entire country?  I swear I want to lock myself away in my house and never leave again.  It's become so difficult to go out and endure people being rude to me.  I don't want to go out, I don't want to "meet up" for drinks anymore.  I've officially become anti-social. 

All because of you crazy traffic people.
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