Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Twitter Etiquette

I used to love Twitter.  Everyone was so funny and witty, and the ones I choose to send to my phone brightened my day.  However, as of late it seems Twitter is more of a chore than anything else.

The #1 thing that pisses me off is multiple tweets in a row, especially when it's all the same story.  If it can't fit inside 140 characters, it doesn't need to be tweeted, it needs to be blogged.  Example right here, right now.  I also hate if there are multiple replies.  If they are legit replies, I don't mind so much.  But if it's "@randomdude LoL I know right, lol jk wtf! #imaidiot" that ticks me off.

Hashtags are also a huge pet peeve.  If they are funny, it's great, but usually it's something that NO ONE else is hashtagging, therefore making it irrelevant.   

Big effing downers bug me as well.  I didn't sign onto Twitter to read about how much life sucks for you.  Obviously an occasional gripe is just fine, but there are some people that are almost completely incapable of a positive thought.  These people shouldn't be on twitter, they should be in therapy.  And they should be tweeting about how swell therapy is going.

Recently Re-Tweeting has gotten me steaming too.  Don't RT unless it really resonates with you.  Like, REALLY REALLY.  Or, it's a contest or something that will benefit everyone, like a traffic report.  Otherwise, if that person was so awesome, everyone is already following them, and has seen it already.

Rudeness is also something that I don't think people really think about before they post something on Twitter.  It seems no one stops to think about how rude or insensitive it can come off.  I've called a few people out on this, and they never seem to mean what they said, but they never really seem too sorry about it either.  I know the internet doesn't feel real and we can hide behind our screen names and just be rude...but would you do that to someone's face?  I always feel like we should always live life like our grandparents were watching.  If they would be disappointed in something we were doing...then maybe we shouldn't be doing it.

There are so many other things that bother me, and I'm sure at one point or another I've done each and every one of these things, but I try my best to keep it in check.  If you meet my standards, feel free to follow me @VegasArgot.  If you want a followback, feel free to @Reply to me, and I'll follow you.  But, if you break any of these rules more than once, you're gone. xoxo!
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