Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Respect for @VegasCourtesan , and my take on Prostitution

If there is anything I hate, it's a coward and a manipulator.  This tweeter, who apparently started an account just to communicate with prostitutes (his last tweet that wasn't an @reply was to wish everyone a happy new year), also likes to do anything to also get their attention.  He linked Vegas Courtesan to my blog on the Sexual Palate Cleanser making it seem like I was trying to single-handily kill the escort business.

First of all, I don't have enough readers to bring down the entire escort business.  Even if I did, there is nothing in this world that will kill the escort business.  If I was trying to do that, then why do I link to her blog on my own?  I figured this was the perfect opportunity to state my opinion on prostitution, since I'm being misrepresented by someone who lacks the courage to not put a space between the @ and my twitter name to avoid implication.

I'm sure Vegas Courtesan knows that the post this guy linked to is a completely separate issue.  Even though I am for prostitution, I would personally never feel comfortable knowing that someone is only having sex with me because I paid them.  My friend is also such a person, and the post itself was meant as a joke.  I joked to him that he needed a palate cleanser to rid himself of the last toxic person he'd slept with.  He even suggested that it would be a funny blog post and encouraged me to write it.

If the showgirls all over my blog are any indication, I am, in fact, a woman.  I am a woman that believes in women's rights, and that is all across the board.  This doesn't mean I'm a man-hater, or any other horrible word you want to throw at me.  Simply put, I am from the "Don't tell me what to do with my body" style of thinking.  This applies to abortion as well as prostitution.  No one should ever tell me what I can and can't do with my body.  This also doesn't mean that I'm going to go out and get an abortion or start a life of prostitution, but I'm also not going to condemn anyone that does.

I don't agree with Harry Reid that ridding the state of prostitution would create jobs.  In fact, I feel the opposite.  Legalizing prostitution would give us the chance to regulate it and make it safer for girls such as Vegas Courtesan.  I disagree with the way it's done now, where a girl has to put herself out there not only sexually, but also fear for her life every time.  If it was made legal, every girl could go out with a bodyguard who would be close by, thus creating jobs.  Especially in Vegas, where there is obviously a market for it, I think it needs to being legalized.

I also think being an asshole on twitter needs to be outlawed.  BTW, if he ever does read this: Is "silverback" like the male cougar?
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